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Health Technology
Assessment International
Edifício do IST,
Gabinetes 2-N11.7 e 2-N11.9,
Taguspark, Porto-Salvo
2780-990 OEIRAS,
Tel. 214 233 245 | Fax 214 233 252
Email. opet@opet.pt

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To complete your registration you should make the payment by banking transfer and send the payment confirmation to opet@opet.pt.

Afterwards OPET will send you the confirmed registration form.If you are invited by a Event Sponsor Entity your entrance in the event will be free of costs.


Bank Account Name : OPET Observatório de Prospectiva da Engenharia e da Tecnologia.

Identification Bank Account Number : 001000003765635000160

Bank Name - BPI BANK

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If you have any doubt or any question you may adress us at the email - opet@opet.pt.

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OPET - Observatório de Prospectiva da Engenharia e da Tecnologia.

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Email: opet@opet.pt

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