4th European Conference on e-Public Procurement


MADRID – 13 May 2019 - Meliá Aeropuerto Barajas - Av. de Logroño, 305, 28042 Madrid, Spain

Organized by OPET - Portuguese Engeneering and Technology Foresight Observatory And by APMEP - Potuguese Association of Public Markets




This is the 4th European Conference on E-PUBLIC PROCUREMENT organized by OPET and the three previous conferences were organized in Barcelona, Lisbon and Porto focusing the preparation and implementation of the new EU Directives on Public Procurementapproved on 2014(2014/23/EU, 2014/24/EU, 2014/ 25/EU).The main results of these successful conferences were published through Amazon (click to visit: E-Public Procurement in Europe : Public Management, Technologies and Processes of Change, and New Developments on E Public Procurement), besides supporting the implementation of e-procurement in several member states and having been the birthplace of the new European Association of Electronic Platforms, EUPLAT(www.euplat.org).These Directives were transposed by EU member States and major challenges stem fromcontracting complex and technological servicesusing multi-attribute award criteria and performance requirements, or performance based contracting,because most traditional rules and procedures have been designed to contract public works or standardized goods using the award criterion of minimal price.Similar developments are happening in private markets to buy and to sell technologic and complex services.

However, this is the fastest growing business within European public markets with an annual growth rate higher than 10 %, and accounting now for more than 6% of EU GDP, explaining why discussing and proposing better approaches and solutions for this type of public procurement has a vital importance for most public authorities and corporations in Complex and Technological Services. This conference is also devoted to discuss best practices from private sectors which can help to improve the contracts of technological services.

This Conference will be particularly dedicated to professionals and experts on technology services using new tools of Digital Economy and innovative approaches to achieve the best results.

BestPractices from several sectors are discussed and GeneralRecommendations will be discussed helping buyers to contract better and economic operators to increase better success.

The event will include aWORKSHOP devoted to a debate (round table) between public buyers and sellers as well as the presentation of the Agency for Digital Administration of Madrid's Annual Procurement Plans.


Conference Chairman: Professor Luís Valadares Tavares – OPET and University of Lisbon

A selection of papers presented in the conference will be published after a review by the peers of the EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC PROCUREMENT MARKETS (https://eupublicmarkets.com/).

Conference working languages: English and Spanish


9h30 to 11h00– SESSION A - The new principles and tools of the Directives for better contracting of complex and technological services

•    Strategic procurement,multicriteria evaluation of tenders considering the ratio quality-price and the life cycle cost. Luís Valadares Tavares – OPET and University of Lisbon.
•    Legal innovations: e-procurement, new procedures and new instruments. Jaime Pintos Santiago – Consulting-Lawyer specialized in public procurement.
•    Decalogue of integrity in public procurement. Concepción Campos Acuña – Chief Secretary of Local Administration, Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP).

11h00to11h30 – Coffee Break

11h30 to 13h00 – SESSION B –Public Procurement of Services and Innovation:

•    Innovative public procurement of services according to the law 9/2017 (Spain). Jose María Gimeno Feliú – Professor of Administrative Law at the University of Zaragoza.
•    New challenges for public services contracting. Prof. Christopher Yukins  – George Washington University Law School.
•    Innovative public procurement in SPMS (Central Purchasing Body). Artur Mimoso – SPMS, Portugal Health Central Purchasing Body.

13h00 to 14h30 – Lunch Break

14h30 to 16h00 – SESSION C–E-Public Procurement and Digital Technology:

•    Technological Public Contracting: Facts and Problems. Luis Moll Fernandez-Figares, Legal Director of the Agency for the Digital Administration of Madrid.
•    Public procurement of engineering services. Alexis de los Reyes– General Director of MARD Ingenieros.
•    E-Public Procurement 3.0. José Luis Aristegui –  General director of Vortal Spain.
16h00 to 17h30 – SESSION D–Public Procurement in the Health Sector:
•    Public Contracts Challenges for Health Services and New Innovation Opportunities.Pablo Crespo – Legal Department Director of the Spanish Federation of Health Technology Companies (FENIN).
•    Public Procurement in the Health Sector: Club Gertech experience. . Joaquín García Guajardo, Club GertechCoordinator.
•    Debate and Conclusions.

17h30 to 18h00 Afternoon Coffee


•    18h00 to 18h30– Presentation of the Agency for Digital Administration of Madrid's Annual Procurement Plans. Francisco Javier Gómez Santamaría, Director of Economic Management and Procurement of the Agency for Digital Administration of the Community of Madrid.
•    18h30to 20h00 – Round table of public buyers and sellers.


General registrations - Fill the online registration form following the hyperlink -

·        A) - Early Registration – 125 euros (until 5April2019)

·        B) - Normal Registration – 185 euros

Access toWorkshop (preliminary consultations):
Public Buyer: free (requiring at least one participant in Sessions A to F
EconomicOperator/Companies: in terms of its nature and size (please contact organization)

 FINAL PROGRAM available after 12 April 2019